Thursday, April 8, 2010

Time flies

OK did we drop off the face of the earth???? I can't believe it has been so long since I updated.

Goodness time flies when you're having fun!!! Sawyer is growing by leaps and bounds. We definitely have a future GYMNAST or swimmer on our hands (sorry I am kind of partial to one). Sawyer began taking steps two weeks after she turned 8 months. By 9 months she had a full fledged walk/hurried walk going. She is just so busy. She wakes up in the morning and walks literally 2 hours around the house. She plays hard and sleeps hard (thankfully). Food is still not a big thing in her book. I don't get that! We are working on trying to new things. Sawyer is content to take a bottle and play.
Brennan turned ten a few weeks ago. I really thought I would be sad about it. But, I love watching her evolve into a young girl. I am loving watching her submerge herself in all her activities. I love it that she likes to dip her hand in a lot of hobbies just like me. I love to try anything creative, at least once. I still love watching her relationship with Sawyer. They both light up when they see each other. Brennan loves to wake Sawyer up in the mornings. Sawyer gets so excited when she sees Brennan! One of their favorite things to do together is read books. Sawyer has a favorite book, BunBun that we can all quote word for word. If she ever cries, you can say the first few lines of her book and she makes her ooooh face and listens!

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